I can usually be found laughing at inappropriate jokes, or making my own curtains at 11pm on Christmas Eve.

I can usually be found laughing at inappropriate jokes, or making my own curtains at 11pm on Christmas Eve.

Hey, I’m Menekse. It’s pronounced meh-neck-sheh, because I’m guessing you were wondering unless you happen to be Turkish!

I’m a marketing consultant, with over 13 years’ experience specialising in Search Engine Optimisation and organic traffic (where organic means “natural” or “free” as opposed to lacking in pesticides). Known in the industry as “inbound” traffic, it’s when customers come to you - sometimes while you sleep!

Creative business is where my passion lies, and I LOVE helping designers and makers generate more sales from their online platforms so they can focus on doing what they do best: creating and making the world a more beautiful place. Whether it’s visiting craft fairs, hanging out with my creative biz buddies, or filling my home with indie goods (generally in shades of teal, pink, and yellow), I love supporting small business owners and I love helping them create consistent streams of sustainable income online (and demystifying marketing!).

Currently based in Nottingham, soon to be based in London, I have clients all over the UK, US, and Canada. I lecture in SEO at UAL’s London College of Communication, and I’m the Senior SEO Lead for a couple of 7-figure agencies here and across the Atlantic in North America.

I started my SEO and copywriting journey as a young teenager writing medical articles for $3 a piece for a dodgy guy who was based in Warsaw. That was back in the days before Penguin when you had to get your keyword phrases in 5 or 6 times per 500 words so it wasn't my best work - but hey, I was 15. 

From there, I've done a lot of SEO work with agencies and 1-1 clients in sectors from eCommerce and creative business, to finance, charity, and agriculture, to creative service providers. In the past three years, I’ve set up a marketplace that serves over 150 artists and designers around the UK, and makes at least £8,500 of its monthly revenue from organic traffic.

What about the dog? That's my trusty side-kick, Dougal. You’ll find him creepin’ on my Instagram (sometimes to the exclusion of any other content). There’s also a great story of how I bought two house rabbits while my husband was on a work trip to South Africa… Without telling him. Surprise!

Want help getting more traffic to your online store, and making more money from that traffic? I’m your girl Friday.

Why should I care about SEO, anyway?

Because SEO = money.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the craft of making your content more visible on the interwebs. Whether it’s Google (and other search engines), Etsy, Pinterest, or YouTube, SEO is at the heart of helping potential customers find your products.

You’ll see a lot of digital marketing specialists and agencies out there, and that’s great - they’ll often offer SEO as an “add on” service to help you get your website sorted. Again, that’s great. But there are a lot of people out there who add those three little letters to their online services, and all you’re getting is some support to add in headings, image tags, and meta descriptions on your website. Super.

SEO is a powerful tool that goes far beyond your product descriptions and website content (although they’re definitely part of it). It can dramatically increase your sales while reducing your overall marketing costs… So you want to work with a specialist.

I am an SEO specialist. It’s not an add on. It’s not a side hustle.

It’s something I’ve been focused on since 2005.

It’s something that has made me and the businesses I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds. Each. Per year.

It’s the foundation of my business. Any services I offer are directly dependent on SEO. It’s free traffic. Free sales. Free marketing! Who’d say no to that?

The principles of Search Engine Optimisation apply to your website, your Pinterest profile, your Etsy or Not On The High Street shop, and your YouTube channel. It’s the core discipline holding the internet together. And it’s worth investing in, whether you want to learn how to implement it yourself, or you want someone else to implement it for you.

At last check, SEO is worth over £97,000 a year of cash revenue to my business. Imagine, in three years, having an extra £97,000 in your business. Every. Single. Year. Without having to do anything. Who would say no to that kind of return on investment?

It’s not a pipe dream.

It’s not magic.

It’s maths.

And I’m here to help you with it.