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Want to make an extra £97,000 / $121,000* per year in your creative business? It’s time to work with me.

*How much SEO and organic traffic is worth each year to my eCommerce business as of June 2019.

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Quick Consults - Pay Per Minute!

Got a sticky situation with your website and you’re not sure how to fix it? Is there a Google Analytics problem you don’t understand? Do you want some fast advice, some fresh ideas, or a professional helping hand but you don’t have hundreds of pounds to pay for a consultant?

With my Pay Per Minute consultancy service, you pay for the time we’re on the call! You’ll get a preparatory checklist, and then we’ll hop on a call and you can ask me your questions.

Whether you need a little nudge with where to start, or you’ve got a couple of burning SEO questions, we’ll crack on via Zoom and you’ll get a recording of the call once we’re done.

Minimum spend: 15 minutes | Cost: £1 per minute

SEO Audit

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The SEO Audit is the quickest, cheapest way to start improving your website SEO. The report gives you a full analysis of your website at the minute, the top opportunities for improvement, and a list of things for you to fix.

You’ll get an analysis of the top keywords for your niche, and competitor analysis from three of your closest competitors, including any gaps or opportunities they’re missing that you can take advantage of.

You’ll be given a specific action plan to work through so you can start seeing changes to your search engine visibility, and your list of commercially viable keywords will help you develop new content, improve existing content, and get your Pinterest pins poppin’.

Price: £295 / $395

Add-on options

A 60-minute video conference consultation
Improve Your Conversion Rate Analysis
Content Plan from Keywords
Implement Your Pinterest SEO Report
Implement Your YouTube SEO Report
Set Up Your Website Tracking: Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook Pixel.

SEO Implementation

Want to improve your SEO, but don’t have time to implement it yourself? Too right! Get the professionals in with the SEO Implementation package. This includes everything from the SEO Audit, plus we’ll correct errors and optimise content on up to 30 web pages.

We’ll also complete an Improve Your Conversion Rate analysis, and make recommendations of how you can improve your sales from your existing traffic. (E.g. if you are getting 1 sale per 100 visitors, we will aim to help you get 3 sales per 100 visitors).

We’ll also make sure that your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook Pixel are installed (along with the relevant reports) for tracking month-to-month, and make some short-term recommendations for how you can use advertising to boost your traffic while the SEO kicks in.

On top of that? You’ll get 2 x 30-minute consultations to discuss how you can get more traffic and improve your sales. Boom diggity.

Price: Dependent on website size.

Add-on Options

SEO for Pinterest: Implementation and Action Plan

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Traffic & Sales Content Strategy Call


A lot of people talk about content strategy, but I’m not about likes and comments. I’m about traffic and sales! Vanity metrics don’t pay dem bills, so it’s time to analyse your biggest sources of website traffic and how we can capitalise on them.

As part of this package, we’ll nail down your online demographic, and then you’ll get a full report on the highest “purchase intent” keywords for your niche. From that, we’ll look at how you can improve and target your content creation to attract paying customers.

You’ll get a cross-channel action plan optimised for organic traffic, including recommendations for your website, Pinterest, and social media, plus YouTube where you have an existing channel.

This package also includes 2 x 30-minute consultation calls.

Price: £295 / $395

Add-on Options

Set Up Your Website Tracking: Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook Pixel


Plus… SEO Copywriting, my SEO course, and retainers.


SEO Copywriting

I occasionally accept clients for one-off SEO copywriting projects, including SEO pages, feature posts, sales pages, and product descriptions. Contact me via the button below if you’re interested in SEO copywriting services (or learn all the insider secrets in my SEO for Creative Businesses course).


seo for creative businesses course

The most affordable way to work with me, the SEO for Creative Businesses course is the gift to your business that keeps on giving. This 8-week implementation will set you up to make all kinds of money from your website or shop - mostly while you’re doing something way more exciting than marketing.


retainers. monthly awesome!

My retainers are currently fully booked until March 2020. If you are interested in monthly marketing or SEO consultancy, click the button below to contact me and I’ll add you to my waiting list.